Teleste CFO Fibre optic video transmission

Teleste fibre optic CCTV video products offer a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution for the analogue composite video transmission on a dedicated fibre optic cable. By using digital technology a real-time, full frame rate, excellent quality and long distance optical transmission can be achieved even with multiplexed video channels including subchannels for audio, data and I/O signaling. In addition some enhanced models do support a Fast Ethernet bridging allowing a complimentary tunneling of additional IP/Ethernet services. The CFO series products are temperature hardened for operations at -34…+74°C range.


Real time digital transmission

Compared to digital IP video systems with latency, the CFO series transmission provides a real-time operation. The analogue CVBS signals are digitally sampled without deploying any time consuming compression algorithms. High frequency sampling maintains a high quality video content with full frame rate.

Video multiplexing

Digital multiplexing allows simultaneous video operation even with 4 and 8 channels. With dedicated fibre optic cables, the high bandwidth produced is not an issue like in IP networks. In addition system can carry subchannels such as data and audio without any constraints.

Alternative SFP optics

The usual challenge on optical transmission is the cable type and required transmission distance. To make the system integration easier, most of the current CFO series links can be equipped with replaceable SFP transceivers. Two-way optical communication is available as either 1-fibre or 2-fibre SFP models both for multimode and single mode fibres.

Complimentary Ethernet

The most enhanced CFO products are having a built-in Ethernet Bridge solution. The interface is a configurable 10/100Base-TX compliant with IEEE802.3 & IEEE802.3U. The bridge has a dedicated 100 Mbps throughput capacity and it is independent of other device functions.

Various services

Next to video transmission the platform concept supports stereo audio, serial data, I/O and Ethernet communication as well. The data channels are configurable for RS-232/422/485 to control e.g. PTZ heads or access system devices. The I/O interfaces can be connected to e.g. PIR sensors or lock systems.

Slick installation mechanics

19-inch 3U installation racks have plenty of space for various link cards and allow mix-and-match type installations. Redundant powering can be achieved by reserving two PSU slots at back. Racks are also available as front or rear loadable versions. Alternatively a single card unit can be installed as standalone by using module adapters. Mini-sized transmitter cards are available for integration inside a CCTV camera housing, as for example.

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Our IP-based video security solution allows you to build a future-proof security ecosystem. In addition to the powerful video core, our solution offers a rich selection of smart features and functionalities that allow you to monitor and manage situations in real time.